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EXPRESS: Artificial gravity in space: 'Unethical' to deprive astronauts of artificial gravity
17:37 / 24 октября 2019
ARTIFICIAL GRAVITY will help humanity become a spacefaring civilisation and there is an ethical responsibility to do it right, a panel of space experts has argued.

Artificial gravity will serve on future space exploration missions the same critical role life support systems do. Not only will artificially induced gravity simulate the homely effects of Earth’s 1G environment. But a well understood and implemented system will help reduce the painful side-effects of long-term exposure to microgravity.

Dr Jack Von Loon of the Amsterdam University Medical Centre believes it is “unethical” to deprive future generations of spacefarers of the basic comfort.

Irishnews: ‘First baby could be born in space within 12 years'
17:32 / 24 октября 2019
The aim is not currently for the whole pregnancy to take place in space, but instead a 24- to 36-hour mission for the labour.

The first baby could be born in space within the next 12 years, an expert has said.

Dr Egbert Edelbroek, founder and chief executive of SpaceBorn United, said the company is designing missions where pregnant women can give birth in orbit.

The aim is not currently for the whole pregnancy to take place in space, but instead a 24- to 36-hour mission for the labour.

BT: Ex-MP Lembit Opik hoping to make an impact in space
12:54 / 22 октября 2019
He spoke at Asgardia’s first Space Science and Investment Congress in Darmstadt, Germany.

A former MP has ticked off everything on his earthly “political bucket list”, and says now the rest of the universe remains.

Lembit Opik, an ex-Liberal Democrat MP, is chairman of parliament for space nation Asgardia.

He has politically achieved all he wants to on earth, and is now hoping to make an impact in space.

Inews: Space nation of Asgardia might have started as a utopian dream — but we might not be able to do without it
14:45 / 21 октября 2019
Creating the right legal, technological and political environment for life beyond Earth asap makes perfect sense Asgardia unveiled a plan to build a fleet of 'cosmic Noah’s arks' orbiting the Earth, at a cost of roughly £100bn a piece (Photo: James Vaughan/Asgardia/PA Wire)

It is tempting to chuckle at the would-be space nation of Asgardia. Its physical presence currently consists of a 3kg satellite the size of a shoebox, circulating in low-Earth orbit.

It is easy to laugh, too, at Lembit Opik, the former Lib Dem MP-cum reality TV star, who has now popped up as the space nation’s parliamentary speaker.

Metro: Russian billionaire and founder of ‘space nation’ says humans shouldn’t take ‘baggage’ with them
14:34 / 21 октября 2019
As humans, we’ve apparently all got a lot of baggage. We burn too many fossil fuels, aren’t very good at sharing and can be partial to a bit of warmongering. Igor Ashurbeyli, the Russian billionaire and founder of Asgardia (Picture: Asgardia)

And there’s no room for that kind of thinking if we’re all going to live off-world. In fact, the ‘huge baggage’ of our earthly problems has been condemned by the founder of the first ever ‘space nation’. In October 2016 Russian billionaire Dr Igor Ashurbeyli announced the creation of Asgardia, and in June 2018 he was inaugurated as its head.

Do not take earthly problems on space exploration journey – Russian billionaire
12:21 / 15 октября 2019
The “huge baggage” of earthly problems should not be carried on the long journey of space exploration, the founder of the first off-world nation has said.

In October 2016 Russian billionaire Dr Igor Ashurbeyli announced the creation of Asgardia, and in June 2018 he was inaugurated as the head of the space nation.

There are currently 20,000 verified citizens from around 200 countries, who have each received a Certificate of Asgardia.

Opening Asgardia’s first Space Science and Investment Congress in Darmstadt, Germany, Dr ​Ashurbeyli set out the priorities as long-term space exploration and settlement in space.

EXPRESS: Civilisation AT RISK. Space debris poses CATASTROPHIC ‘global disaster’
10:31 / 23 апреля 2019
SCIENTISTS have warned that space debris poses a catastrophic risk to civilisation and are calling on governments to take action. Визуализация Асгардии

Dr Igor Ashurbeyli, who founded the Asgadia space nation, has pointed out that the satellites which operate mobile phone systems, televisions, radio signals, aeroplanes, electricity grids, street lights, pipelines and other vital infrastructure services are all under threat from a collision from space debris. He has urged world governments to take the issue far more seriously or face a potential global disaster. The problem of space debris was immortalised in the film Gravity, starring George Clooney and Sandra Bullock where the two play astronauts trapped in orbit after a blown up satellite destroys their Apollo craft.

The Telegraph: Inside Asgardia. Why thousands are buying a ticket to live in space
17:05 / 20 апреля 2019
Picture the scene a few decades from now: a new blue and gold flag is fluttering outside the United Nations, the SOLAR currency is going great guns in the stock market… oh, and huge £100bn space arcs filled with 15,000 people circumnavigate the globe, while the first human colony has been established on the moon. Визуализация Асгардии

That is the vision of Dr Igor Ashurbeyli, a Russian-Azerbaijani billionaire and head of the newest nation on earth: Asgardia.

If this is already sounding a little far-fetched, consider Dr Ashurbeyli’s incredulous reaction when I ask him when his dream will become a reality. “It already is a reality,” insists the 55-year-old, in the suite of a five-star hotel in Vienna, where his government gathered last week for its first executive congress.

BBC: Asgardia. The problems in building a shace society
22:01 / 3 августа 2018
This summer, citizens of the world’s first space nation gathered in Austria. But is the society they hope to build in orbit really a utopia? Визуализация Асгардии

As of today, I’m an official citizen of two nations. One is the US, which has 325 million citizens and an area of almost 10 million sq km. The other is Asgardia, which has some 246,000 citizens, but physically exists for now only in the form of a 6lb (2.7kg) bread-box-size satellite floating in low-Earth orbit since November 2017.

One day, Asgardia plans to have an enormous “space ark” orbiting our home world, a colony on the Moon, and perhaps even further in the future on other “celestial bodies”, according to the constitution.

Newsweek: Asgardia. «World's first Space Nation» inaugurates head of state
11:12 / 26 июня 2018
Аsgardia, a proposed “space nation,” inaugurated its first head of state Monday during a ceremony at the Hofburg Palace in Vienna, Austria, which was attended by diplomats, researchers, engineers and legal experts from around the world. Инаугурация Главы первого Космического Государства Асгардия Игоря Ашурбейли. Автор фото: Александр Омельянчук

The new head of nation, Igor Ashurbeyli—a Russian scientist, billionaire and philanthropist—took anoath of office duringan event with no shortage ofpomp and circumstance. He went on to unveilambitious goalsfor the first space nation: notably,to havepermanently inhabited space stations in low Earth orbit and stationary settlements on the Moon within the next 25 years.

"We have established all branches of a nation,"Ashurbeylisaidin a speech at the ceremony."I can declare that Asgardia has been born."

Asgardia—named after Asgard, a sky city in Norse mythology which was said to housethe gods—was founded by Ashurbeyli and several prominent space experts in October 2016.

Lintern@ute: Asgardia. Mais c'est quoi ce nouveau «pays» autour de la Terre?
11:03 / 26 июня 2018
ASGARDIA - La première "nation spatiale" de l'Histoire voit le jour ce lundi 25 juin 2018. Philosophes, scientifiques, et entrepreneurs partagent ce même projet depuis plus d'un an. Mais qu'est-ce que cette nation spatiale du nom d'Asgardia? Инаугурация Главы первого Космического Государства Асгардия Игоря Ашурбейли. Автор фото: Александр Омельянчук

La toute première "nation spatiale" voit le jour ce lundi 25juin 2018. Du nom d'Asgardia, ce pays situé autour de la Terre a été créé par l'homme d'affaires russo-azerbaïjanais Igor Ashurbeyli, qui s'est d'ailleurs auto-proclamé roide cette nouvelle nation. Avec pour devise "Une Humanité, une Communauté", Asgardia est un royaume qui n'est reconnu par aucun pays de la communauté internationale.

Inauguration Speech
16:43 / 25 июня 2018
Hello, Asgardians! Dear Members of Parliament, diplomats, guests and mass media representatives! Инаугурация Главы первого Космического Государства Асгардия Игоря Ашурбейли

This day will certainly be recorded in the annals of the greatest events in the history of humankind.

Just twenty months have passed since the announcement was made of the creation Asgardia. It is no longer just an idea, on the contrary, now there are some 200,000 Asgardians in more than 200 countries of the world; we have our own territory on the Asgardia-I satellite, a Constitution, a flag, an anthem, a coat of arms and our own calendar.

WIRED:So wird eine außerirdische Blockchain die Menschheit zu den Sternen führen
20:05 / 19 июня 2018
Der Raumfahrtingenieur Igor Ashurbeyli hat ein eigenes Land gegründet.

Die ist kleiner als ein Schuhkarton, hat aber fast 200.000 Einwohner. Die Weltraumnation Asgaridia existiert als ein Satellit im Erdorbit und soll zur Wissenschafts- und Wirtschaftsmacht heranwachsen. Helfen soll dabei die erste außerirdische Kryptowährung.